Thursday, October 14, 2010

..::Mailbox Freebies::.. (10/3-10/9/2010)

I know, I know.....It seems like it's been AGES since I've posted my Mailbox Freebies....(notice I left out the "Weekly" from the post title). I have no idea why I've been neglecting that part of my posts....Actually, I don't know about you guys, but throughout the summer my mailbox was lacking in the freebie department. But, lately I've been getting good stuff at least every other day, so I decided to start my posts again...This is what I got LAST, and I already have a new bag started for this week' the way, thank GOODNESS I decided to take a snapshot of last weeks freebies because in the bag I had a $10 +UP reward that will expire on Saturday...phew!!!but anyway, here's what I got:

  • Shape magazine from free subscription (from awhile back)

  • Clarins New Rouge Prodige lip color palette (w/ a cute little brush for application)

  • Wisk Laundry detergent sample from Sam's Club

  • Bio-True contact solution from

  • P&G brand Sampler (Head&Shoulders, Tampax, Prilosec) +coupons

  • 2 Home Made Simple coupon booklets (used to get FREE Dawn at CVS this week)

  • 3 coupons for a FREE bag of M&M's (not pictured)

  • 2 coupons for a FREE pack of Energizer Recharge batteries (not pictured, redeemed!)

  • TRIO race car (not pictured, son played with it & is now MIA)

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