Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Shout out for my readers!

I just checked my email and I received a notification from BzzAgent that I got a "Shout Out" from BzzAgent Savannahbaker! Thanks, Savannah! I know it may sound silly but I like getting nice comments from my I told a couple of my friends who read my lets me know that when I blog....I'm actually being heard...(or read) line, that I'm not talking to myself. I tried replying to your shout out on BzzAgent, but I could not access your profile for some I hope you read this. ☺

& For the rest of my Readers....a special shout out to you as well....Thanks for reading! I know that I don't have the Biggest, or most popular blog on the block, and I may not post as many deals as I would like, but with my job, blog and 2-year old son, I can only do so much...hehehe.


Savannah said...

it's me, savannah!
thanks, this is so sweet!
and, yes, please keep posting!
best wishes!

Jessica said...

Savannah!!! :) yayyyy, u got my message! lol