Thursday, October 28, 2010

FREE NYC makeup @ Rite Aid (no coupons needed)!!

*I already posted this in the weekly deal post, but I wanted to highlight this deal in case you missed it.
This week Rite Aid is running a pretty good sale on NYC cosmetics, buy an item $1.99 or higher and get a FREE nail polish, there's also an Up reward deal, for every $1.99 item, you'll get $1 in UP rewards. So, here's the deal:

Buy a lipstick (make sure it's the $1.99 kind pictured above, it has the squareish lid)

Buy a nail polish (again, the $1.99 kind) (FREE w/ sale)

-pay $1.99+tax

Get back 2 $1 +UP rewards (one for the lipstick, one for the nail polish)

Final price: both FREE!
***You have to be very careful about what items you choose since only the $1.99 or higher will produce the $1 Ups...for example if you get the $1.99 lipstick and the 99¢ nail polish FREE, you will only get back $1 in Ups since the nail polish was not $1.99 & you'll end up paying 50¢ each.... basically, (Pay $2, get $1). Hope that makes sense.... ☺
***also, you can get other cosmetics, not just the lipsticks, just make sure it's $1.99 or more.

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