Monday, April 25, 2011

cheap norelco shaver at rite aid this week

this week at rite aid there are some norelco shavers for $19.99 get $10 upr. if you have 20% discount you can get one for $2.99 after upr and $3 off $15 survey q here is my scenario

norelco shaver $19.99

with 20% discount=$15.99

use $3/$15

pay $12.99 get $10 upr

so 2.99 after upr

not bad for an electric shaver i love these shavers since i cant use the regular razors and this also makes a really cheap fathers day gift i think the limit is 4 on these so you can roll your upr and get 4 cheap fathers day gifts

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HauteCoupon said...

This is a great idea for Father's day! I'm heading over to my local Rite Aid today to snag this deal