Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Splenda trip to Walgreens + How I avoid coupon beepage...

Last night, we drove to Walgreens in hopes to find the $2.99 packages in stock....when we got there, I noticed my son JJ had fallen asleep, so I asked Jonathan if he would go in alone, his response?...."No, I'm not dealing with the coupons beeping because of the penny overage". He gets frustrated when cashiers refuse to enter coupons manually, so I gave him a little tip of mine, and I thought I should share it with you too, since you probably have the same issues at your store. I told Jonathan, "All you have to do is add ONE extra item than you have coupons and just have them take it out AFTER they scan your coupons." .

For example:

Back when there were $2 Purina One dog food coupons and we used them to get the $1.99 packs for FREE. If you had 5 coupons, and you took 5 packages to the counter, once the cashier is scanning the coupons, the only coupon that beeps would be the LAST coupon not every single one. SO, what you could do to avoid your last coupon beeping, is Always add an EXTRA pack of dog food (or whatever the item is), and once the cashier scanned all the coupons, you could say something like: " Can you take one item off my order, I had more items than coupons". Then all the cashier does it VOID it out, and give you your total...simple as that. OR, you also have the option of just buying the extra item, so it'll be all for the price of one, your choice.

Ok, back to the trip, Jonathan picked up 3 boxes of Splenda (100 count packs) @ $2.99 each, and had 3 $3 coupons. Since the last coupon would beep because of the penny overage, he added another Splenda item that was $8.99, and once the cashier scanned all his coupons he asked if he would void the $8.99 item since it was not part of the $2.99 sale...lol. This would obviously not work if you don't have any other purchases to absorb the $.03 overage (1 cent per coupon), but he was buying other things anyway, so it went well. So, the Splenda was FREE, and I got a $4 Register Reward.... MONEY MAKER!!!

[$3 Splenda coupon is in the 4/17 SS insert]

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Shannon said...

nice, I would have never thought of this. Thanks for the tip!