Wednesday, April 27, 2011

free shaver and john frieda trip

i went to rite aid to get the norelco shavers i found three i also picked up some free john frieda hair color i got it all for free just tax here are my transactions

bought 1 norelco shaver $15.99 with 20%disc

bought 3 john frieda hair color $9.59 20% disc= $28.77


used 3 $2 jf q we found at wags

used 3 $5 jf rite aid q

used $3/15

used $20 upr

total= just paid tax and got back $20 upr

i did this 3 times and ended with $30 upr so it was actually a mm since i started the day with $20 upr.. the rite aid coupon does say limit one per customer but my rite aid let me use all 3 in a transaction. jessica will put the link up later to the jf rite aid q cuz i dont know how to do it also the jf deal is over but if you do print it you can use it on 05/01 if you get the $5 q in the paper it will be free if you have the 20% disc if you dont have the disc it will be $1.99 per box.

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