Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick trip to Walgreens! (4/18)

The weather was nice tonight, so Jonathan, JJ & I walked to Walgreens for a quick trip to use up RRs that would be expiring on Tuesday. We were able to pick up 6 packages of the Goody Ouchless hair accessories. I had a combination of $3 & $4 RR so with the $3 RRs, I just paid a quarter each time and got my $3 back....Jonathan did 3 transactions so it wouldn't look like I was buying too many, and in exchange he got cookies with the extra dollar from the $4 RRs...lol.

Oh, and each package had a BONUS 5-pack of hair bands....so a total of 30 FREE hair bands on top of the FREE accessories.... :)

(Goody Ouchless hair accessories are on sale this week for $3, and get $3 Register Reward=FREE!)

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