Saturday, April 9, 2011

Coupon Fraud on TLC's Extreme Couponing?!?!

Did you see the latest episode of Extreme Couponing??? There was a lady named Jaime who shopped at Safeway and bought almost $2,000 worth of groceries for about $100. This had many people (non-couponers) excited about the savings and wanting to go on-board with couponing (one of my cousins in Vegas included, he called me asking a couple questions about couponing because he saw Extreme Couponing).

What most people didn't know, is that this lady has had a reputation for using coupons for products not listed on the coupon. For example, she bought small (2 ounce) packages of Buddig lunchmeat which were on sale for under $1, and used $1 coupons to get them FREE, but!!!!!!!!......

If you take a closer look at what the coupon says, it is actually for the Larger packages of Deli Cuts. (12 or 16 oz)

I would recommend you go over and read the full article...the evidence is CRAZYYYY!!! There are many other items she did this with. I cannot believe she did this on national television, I just hope this doesn't ruin it for all of us "honest" couponers, and our reputation as well. This is called COUPON FRAUD!!! She has been confronted about it and is simply saying that everyone is just "haters" on her Facebook, Really??? I've been reading her FB page, and man she is being attacked by everyone, she might as well shut down her blog, and Fb page and go into a hiding

Check out this old video she once posted on a You Tube channel she had, but then deleted because people realized she was doing coupon fraud at Target using $10 and $5 P&G coupons that are for Crest White Strips to buy Tide laundry detergent for FREE! And, I'm sorry, why the heck is the cashier accepting all her coupons when they beep?!?! That never happens, even when it IS FOR THE RIGHT ITEM!!! That was probably a buddy of hers.

I hope that putting her on blast makes all her regular cashiers take a closer look at the restrictions on her coupons from now on. And by the way, I want to start filming some of my shopping trips with hidden cameras and show the "REAL things that happen when you coupon", there's no cheering when you walk up to the register with ONE cart full of items let alone 3 or 5!!! lol...anyway, GO HERE to read the FULL story, (which is where I got my photos from).

What are your thoughts on this?

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