Monday, April 18, 2011

my rite aid mission last week

last week our coupons were stolen again so i had to order some coupons on ebay i ordered some loreal vive some bic disposable and john frieda but they didnt get here till friday but as soo as i got them i headed straight to rite aid here is what i got.(cant post a pic for some reason as sson as i get it fix ill put it up)

40 loreal shampoo and conditioners= $100

20 john frieda products= $100

16 bic razors= $79.84

total before coupons= $279.84

used 40 $1 loreal q

used 20 $2 jf q

used 16 $3 bic q

used 2 $3/$15

used $145 upr

total after q and upr= $.84 plus tax

got back $50 upr for jf

got back $8 upr for bic

got back $40 for loreal

i lost $45 in upr but its koo i guess this was my version of extreme couponing lol of course i went to different rite aids for all this stuff and did it in seperate transactions so i could use upr from previous transactions to pay for the next transaction. anyway i hope they stop stealing coupons i hate having to do all my shopping like this i mean i dont mind using alot of couupons but not all in one day its alot o pressure lol anyway ill be posting this weeks trip in a coupole of days sorry for being late again

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