Monday, August 8, 2011

CVS trip 8/7/11 ($52.04 worth of items for $1.66!)

I had a couple $5/$25 coupons that were going to expire this week at CVS, so I wanted to put them to good's what I did:

Transaction 1:

1 John Frieda foam hair colour $12

1 John Frieda hairspray $5

1 pack of Pampers $8.99

(Coupons used)


-"FREE" John Frieda hair colour coupon from Facebook ($12.99)

-$1/1 John Frieda hair care hangtag coupon

-$2/1 Pampers coupon from P&G insert

Sub total $5, + $1.55 tax

Paid $6.55 OOP (out of pocket), got back $8 Extra Bucks ($5 John Frieda, $3 Pampers)

Final cost: FREE + $1.45 money maker!!

Transaction 2:

2 Herbal Essences 2/$4.97

1 Schick Hydro (5) razor $8.49

1 Schick Hydro shave gel $3.99

1 Lipton Iced tea 12-pack $5.99

2 cups of mini Chips Ahoy cookies $2

(Coupons used)


-FREE Hydro shave gel wyb razor peelie (exp 12/31/11) ($3.99)

-$2/1 Hydro razor in the 8/7 SS insert

-FREE Herbal Essences product coupon from Facebook ($3.99)

-$1/1 Herbal Essences coupon in the 8/7 RP insert

-$8 Extra Bucks from first transaction

Subtotal $2.07 + $1.07 tax

Paid $3.11 OOP, got back $8 Extra Bucks ($5 Hydro, $2 Lipton, $1 Herbal)

Final cost: $3.11!

Total cost for both transactions since 1st transaction was a money maker..... ONLY $1.66!!! It was a little cheaper than I expected. I noticed on my receipt that the lady deducted the entire "up to" value on my FREE coupons, for instance the John Frieda hair colour was $12, but she deducted $12.99...and the Herbal Essences was $2.49, but she deducted $3.99...unless the register deducted those amounts on its own??? Anyway, I wanted to get Nescafe tasters choice, but they didn't carry them at that store, so I had to get the cookies as a filler to use my $5/$25....but, overall I LOVED this trip!

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