Thursday, August 18, 2011

CVS trip | (Jonathan's Gas card deal)

hey its jonathan, i went to cvs to do the gas card deal thankfully everythng went well unnlike my safeway trip where the cashier told me that my gain coupons said limit one coupon per customer per day i quickly shut her up tho i told her to read the red writing on the coupon it clearly says limit one coupon per purchase. limit 4 like coupons per shopping trip which she got annoyed tat i knew what i was talking about lol anyway here is what i got at cvs

4 air wicks @ $6.99

3 cottonelle wipes @ $1.96

total=33.84 plus tax

used 4 $4 q for air wick (7/10 SS)

used 3 free cottonelle wipes q (from, no longer avail)

used $5 eb

total after qs was 9.46 and i got back my $10 gas card

so for $10 i got all that stuff and some gas i think i did pretty well

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