Sunday, August 28, 2011

FREE Beauty Bag from Target!

No Longer Available!
Woohoo!! Target is once again offering a FREE Beauty Bag filled with goodies on their website, the last one I got from them included a bunch of freebies and a Target coupon booklet (I posted it in my Mailbox Freebies post HERE back in April)

This one's a bit different, Sign up for Yours HERE, this is what the order form says:

"The Prettiest Goodie Bag of Them All. Inside you'll find things
that soothe, cleanse, shimmer, repair, pamper, nourish...and in general just
make you feel fabulous. "

You'll also be able to sign up for a Poise Hourglass sample through the same
link, I've ordered a sample of those from Poise, and man are those pads
Gi-normous! Lol...they'd probably be good for those few days after giving birth. Hahaha.

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