Monday, March 28, 2011

3/27 rite aid trip

today we went nice n early to rite aid to get us some free gum some free stayfree of cours they werent for me but ill get anything thats free and that i can roll my upr with and it always funny the faces the cashiers make when they see a dude go up to the register with a cart full of pads lol anyway her is what i got today

30 trident vitality bogo= $19.35

12 frizz ease= $62.28

18 stayfree pads= $44.18

9 super poligrip= $16.47

total= $142.28

used 15 bog trident q

used 12 $2 john frieda q

used 12 $3 john frieda ra q(expired today)

used 9 bogo stayfree q

used $1 stayfree q

used 9 free poligrip q

used $15 upr

total after coupons= .37 plus tax and got back 9 $1.49 upr

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