Monday, March 28, 2011

CVS trip | 3/28/11

We had a super quick trip at CVS ( only went for the FREE Physicians Formula)....there is a limit of "1 deal per card", but Jonathan and I each have our own, so I got double the makeup! LOL....I love the fact that Jonathan enjoys couponing as much as I do, it's something that grew on him, thanks to *cough* me! *cough*....I introduced him to couponing and now he says he's better than me, can you believe that? Before we met he said he NEVER used a coupon a day in his life because he was "embarrased", supposedly he was even embarrased to use the FREE Food peelie coupons you get at McDonalds during Monopoly promotions....that's insane! AND Now....he walks around with a pocket full of coupons!!! hahaha....

anywayyyyyyy, back to our trip!...

We each got:

1 Physicians Formula Organics Wear mascara, $9.99

1 Physicians Formula eyeliners $10.99

-Used 2 $5/1 pdf printable coupons


-$10 Extra Bucks from last week


Got back $14 in Extra Bucks

Final Price.....FREE!!! + money maker!!!

There are cheaper products you can get for the deal on "any PF product", but I really like these eye liners, and they end up FREE too, so why not get something I'll actually use.....

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Shannon said...

I haven't been following for long, but I love to see Jonathan's posts. My husband gets embarrased when I use coupons too, he always want to go sit in the car when I check out. However, he does enjoy seeing what I bring home for free! He also doesn't like to go through a drive-thru for something free! Hopefully some day he will be more like Jonathan when it comes to coupons :)