Sunday, March 13, 2011

FREE Trident Gum @ RITE AID soon!!!!

WOohoo!!! I just got an email from Rite Aid and I was happy to see they will be running a sale on Trident Vitality gum, Buy One Get One FREE starting March 25th!!! (But that's a Friday, so I wonder if that's SoCal since our ad starts on Sunday). Anyway, look for the BOGO tearpad coupon like the one pictured below, and you will get 2 FREE with each coupon since Rite Aid coupon policy says if an item is on sale "buy one get one FREE", and you have coupon for "buy one get one FREE" you get 2 FREE!.

I Have seen these tearpad coupons on gum displays at Rite Aid and Safeway, so if you go to those stores, keep an eye out for those and take some for the upcoming sale. Gum is one of those items I NEVER spend money on because there are always deals for FREE gum.

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