Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trip to Rite Aid | 3/1/11 ($12 Money Maker!)

We went to Rite Aid today because Jonathan came up with a scenario for us to do with the Heart Healthy Promo. The Heart Healthy Promo is "Limit 1 per card", but since we each have our own Wellness+ Card, we each made money....

I didn't take a photo of our haul because that's usually what keeps me from posting our trips, I get lazy, and I end up not doing it, so I figure I just "Google" a picture, and share my scenario since that's more important anyway..., we each got:

9 Afrin Nasal Sprays (15ml) @$5.99 each

Used (9) $3/1 coupons from 2/6 SS insert

Used $26 in +Up rewards +tax

Got back $18 (from weekly sale, $2 Up wyb 1), plus

Got back $20 (from Heart Healthy Promo, get $20 wyb $50)

Total of $38 Up rewards back

Final price=FREE +$12 Money Maker!!


Mrs. Ningning said...

Thanks for the deal. Just came back from Rite Aid. I have tons of the coupon left. They were beepers so the cashier entered them in manually. I also got some more bodiheat but it didn't print out any +UP reward. On the bright side there were $0.50 peelies on the product. Thank you.

Jessica said...

OOOPs!! I forgot to mention the coupons were beepers!! lol... Well, some went through and some didn't , I don't know why....and yea i heard the bodi heat is dead now...