Monday, March 14, 2011

my rite aid trip 3/13

This is Jonathan. ight so i went to rite aid nice and early to go get the dixie plates and purex crystals before they were wiped out heres what i got at 3 different rite aids

bought 9 dixie plates= $17.73

bought 7 purex crystals= $27.93

bought 6 soft scrub= $15

bought 2 maybeline foundation = $10.54

total $71.20 before coupons

used 3 $5 off 3 dixie plates vv

used 6 $1 bonus vv

used 7 $2 purex q

used 3 $1 purex vv
used 6 $1 soft scrub

used 2 $2 maybelline

used $23 upr

paid 20 cents plus tax and got back $18 in upr so my cost was $5 for all that stuff not a mm but still a great deal.if youre wondering why i used 3 vv coupons its because i have an account jessica has one and we have one for our son which i did just for the dixie plates since the plates are for him so he dont go breaking our glass plates lol i know i dont know who reads the blog but im explaining myself so whoever does read it doesnt give jess crap about having more than one account

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Stela said...

LOL, I don't blame you for getting the plates for your son : D You gave me a great idea, I do a lot of shopping for my mom so now I'm going to start an account for her too. Thanks!!! Oh, and great deal!