Monday, March 14, 2011

my wags trip 3/13

this is jonathan again fter i left rte aid i headed to wags to get all the freebies this week again i went to 3 different wags here is what i got

bought 18 right guard body washes= $44.91
bought 6 irish spring deo= $18
6 renuzit cones= $11.94
bought 4 dial lotions= $19.96
bought 3 clearasil= $11.37
bought 4 renuzit crystal elements= $15.96
bought 1 box of oatmeal= $1
total before coupos= $123.14

used 9 bogo right guard
used 6 $1 irish spring
used b3g3 renuzit
used 4 $1 dial
used 3 $2 clearasil
used 4 $3 renuzit elements
used renuzit in ad coupon
used $41 rr

got back $30 rr so i lost $11 rr but still a good trip i got alot of stuff i did all this in seperate transactons and used rr from previous transactions to pay for the next so as long as i dont spend more than tax on a transaction im happy

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