Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trip to Walgreens (Free Cream of Wheat!) | 3/12/11

I was finally able to get to Walgreens for my FREE Cream of Wheat! I had to go twice since the first time I went they didn't want to accept the coupons since they beeped, but I told them I wanted to speak to the manager since there was no size restriction on the coupon. One lady told me, "You can't use this coupon because, they cost $1, and you can't just get them for FREE". I was thinkin' "Wow, if you only knew just how much we CAN get for FREE". Well the next morning I got a call from the store manager (very nice lady), and she was basically telling me to come back for my FREE Cream of Wheat since the coupon doesn't specify sizes. Yayyyy! So off to Walgreens we went and got a total of 18 packages for FREE! Local Readers: go to the McHenry store, they have a bunch! And I didn't find any at Turlock or Patterson store (unless I just couldn't spot them).

Cream of Wheat instant 3ct packages, $1

Use $1/1 in the 1/9 SmartSource insert


***I love this stuff, my mom's been making it since I was a kid, and I make it like my mom using the Original flavor and adding a couple spoons of Nesquik Chocolate powder before cooking, YUM! But I got a few of the Cinnabon because it sounds good and I want to try it.

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