Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FREE Orbit gum coupon in "OK" magazine

I am currently getting a FREE subscription of "OK" magazine, and I noticed one of the last ones I've gotten (w/ Kelly Osbourne on te cover) has a coupon on page 9 for a FREE pack of ORBIT Tropical Remix or Strawberry Remix, no purchase required!
If you save it for the week of 3/27, you can use it and get 2 FREE at Rite Aid since Orbit gum will be on sale BOGO. Just thought I'd mention it since I'm sure some of you probably signed up for the FREE subscription as well.

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Mrs. Ningning said...

I know this is way late...but there was a free coupon for gum in the April issue of seventeen magazine on page 127. Expires 4/30/11. I just got around to reading it...:)